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How Recruiters Can Help Address Gender Imbalance

Tue, April 16, 2019 4:36 PM | Sarah Hayden (Administrator)

When Major, Lindsey & Africa released its 2018 Partner Compensation Survey, showing that male partners earn 53 percent more than female partners at top U.S. law firms, well-deserved attention was placed on this persistent problem. Since the survey’s inception in 2010, male partners have consistently reported substantially higher average compensation than female partners. Because underlying factors causing this pay gap are complex, the search for solutions requires robust discussion and collaboration among everyone in the industry.

One voice with a special stake in the gender pay gap—and a special ability to help solve it—is that of the legal recruiting industry. Legal recruiters serve as intermediaries and trusted advisers between firms and candidates, and have a unique view of talent across the industry. By coaching highly qualified candidates to fully advocate for and market themselves while also assisting law firm clients in analyzing the value of a lawyer or group of lawyers’ practices, recruiters are in a unique position to help move the needle on closing the gap.

Indeed, because successful legal recruiters have a broad view of the industry, the work we do to help address pervasive issues like the gender pay gap starts as early as law school and extends throughout a lawyer’s career. Here’s how we can make a difference.

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