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Law Students Take Initiative for Mental Health

Fri, December 18, 2020 10:38 AM | Sarah Hayden (Administrator)

Written by: Katelyn Vue

Several law students are advocating for greater measures to ensure their mental health and well-being during the pandemic, including changing grading curves in recognition of the challenges of online learning.

The University announced in early December it would only allow undergraduate students on the Twin Cities campus to switch to or from the pass/fail grading system.

On the same day of the pass/fail announcement, Garry W. Jenkins, dean of the Law School, sent an email to reaffirm that the Law School would not make any changes to its grading policy.

According to Jenkins’ email, an abrupt change to grading might disadvantage students who worked hard to improve their grades and could create barriers to employment, as many law schools across the country have not implemented pass/fail options for the fall.

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